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Here are free softwares and related instructions for your computer. Other useful materials related to a wide range of topics can be downloaded in the section "Guitar Tips & Tricks" and sheet music in the section "Guitarist's Library".

Guitar Tuner Software (AP Guitar Tuner)/1.29MB

Instructions on the Use of the AP Guitar Tuner/335КB

"Metronome" Software/170KB

Instructions on the Use of a "Metronome"/355КB

My thoughts on...

Let's talk about guitar tuner and metronome softwares. Not about the ones specified above – there has been enough said about them in the related instructions – but about such softwares in general. Or, more precisely, about how useful they might be for guitarists.

Guitar tuner software. "What problems could there be with guitar tuning?" exclaim experienced guitarists who seem to have forgotten how useless they felt in the early stages of learning this process, how angry they were at themselves for not being able to quickly achieve the desired result, and about the broken strings in the end... But I remember. More precisely, my students sharing their experience with me don't let me forget. But it's one thing if you are being taught in person: your teacher can help you not only with words, but with actions, as well. But it's another when you are learning by yourself using the materials in the section "Guitar Lessons" of this website. In the latter case, you will only have recommendations (see Lesson 1 in the section "Guitar Lessons" for free). Everything else depends entirely on you, which is why the tuning system as well as the quality of the compositions to be performed can be seriously compromised.

And here the guitar tuner software can help you out. All you need to do is connect the microphone and follow the parameters shown on the screen. It couldn't be any easier! So, the problem with guitar tuning in the early stages of learning can be considered solved. But only then. Later, you will have to learn to tune the guitar by ear anyway because one day the tuner may not be close at hand. But it won't be very difficult, if... you have consistently been improving your skills (also using my manual which has everything necessary for improving playing techniques and growing as an artist). Thus, in the end, there will be no cause to remember any problems with guitar tuning.

Metronome software. A metronome is a device that produces sounds with regular intervals at a particular speed. In music, it's usually used in two cases: a) to do exercises for developing finger speed or learning the difficult fragments of compositions which require a particular playing speed; b) to perform compositions at the tempo recommended by the author.

Information on music tempo and author's recommendations related to music tempo can be found in the pages of the manual "Andrey Nosov's Guitar School". Additional information can also be found in the instructions on the use of a metronome so don't forget to download it together with the software.

But now...I will see you in the section "Guitar Lessons" if you are just a beginner or in the section "Guitarist's Library" if you already know how to play the guitar!

Andrey Nosov,
the author of the manual "Andrey Nosov's Guitar School"
 and several hundreds of arrangements for guitar solo,
guitar ensembles and voice accompanied by guitar.