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The section "Guitarist's Library" consists of three subsections containing compositions for guitar solo, voice
accompanied by guitar and guitar ensembles.
Here is a brief description of each subsection.

Subsection "Guitar Solo"

Guitar Solo is a kind of activity that allows a guitar player to produce the full sound of a composition without the involvement of voice or other musical instruments. The full sound here shall be considered as an ability to produce three basic components of music – melody, harmony and rhythm. In this case, the famous cliché, "The guitar is a little orchestra," should be understood as the simultaneous extraction of sound in several flows, each of which has its own function (e.g. pop-rock bands where each guitar has its own playing part:  the first guitar produces the melody; the second guitar produces bass, and the third guitar produces harmony). This can only be possible if you extract the sound by means of fingers – the classical way of extracting the sound. Therefore, sheet music for the classical guitar and sheet music for guitar solo are considered one and the same.

In this subsection, you may find a wide range of compositions of classical and popular music specifically written and arranged for the guitar. All sheet music samples, except the ones for my own (Andrey Nosov's) arrangements from the rubric "Sheet Music + Tabs", for which I request a small payment, are available for listening, viewing and downloading.  

All guitar compositions of this subsection, regardless of their genre (classical, rock, jazz, chanson, popular music, and even soundtracks), are time-tested, have excellent artistic properties, and deserve the greatest attention from guitar players. The level of difficulty of the compositions is medium or higher.  So if you are a beginner, you should probably refer to the compositions that are studied and analysed within the training program (see Section "Guitar Lessons"). The list of those compositions can be found in the content disposed at the first page of each lesson. But the guitar lessons are a separate issue for discussion. For now, my sheet music library is at your disposal. I wish you a pleasant performance, my dear colleagues!

Subsection "Songs and Romances"

Songs and Romances is a subsection containing compositions of my own (Andrey Nosov's) arrangements for voice and guitar. Sheet music samples of such compositions are recorded according to the principles of songbooks with guitar accompaniment. Therefore, they include the vocal part with lyrics underlay, the guitar part with detailed fingering and a separate version with tablature, and lyrics that can be found at the end of any song. All this can be found on the page "Songs and Romances" (click on "Sheet Music Presentation").

All compositions can be listened to (audio files are easily accessible and available not only for listening, but also for downloading). In fact, you NEED to listen to them in order for you to be aware of the key of the composition (for better contrast, the vocal part is intertwined with the oboe part). If the key doesn't suit you, I advise you to use a capo d'astro and play the sheet music with respect to the capo's fret position.

Songs and romances from this subsection were very popular back in the day. And they still are, as is evident in their numerous remixes. So learn these compositions and enjoy playing them for yourself and to others.

Subsection "Guitar Ensembles"

Guitar Ensembles is a subsection designed for those who want to play music in ensembles. To tell you the truth, I originally planned to limit my activity to arrangements for one guitar, but life has taken its own course and now... I have an entire new rubric. In this rubric, I am going to add compositions of various music genres recorded for guitar ensembles, ranging from duets to quartets.

I won't deny the fact that I still consider adaptations for guitar solo as my priority and therefore there is no specific time frame for providing the subsection "Guitar Ensembles" with new compositions. The addition of new compositions will depend entirely on time, desire and... your orders.

I hope that those who enjoy playing in ensembles will fully appreciate the new rubric of the website.

In conclusion, I wish you a pleasant performance once more, and... advise you to keep an eye out for new materials if you are truly interested in my music library.

Andrey Nosov