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The subsection "Guitar Solo" contains three rubrics,
where compositions are arranged according to either genre,
or special parameters like tablature.

Rubric "Classical Music"

Classical Music is a collection of both well-known and rarely-played (but not less interesting) classical compositions specifically recorded and arranged for a 6-string guitar. I don't think we should have disdain for arrangements since original guitar sheet music constitute a very small percentage of the total number of available sheet music. But arrangements really enrich the repertoire of guitar players. Now, quality is a different story. I am not going to talk about unsuccessful arrangements, but the successful ones are capable of not only enriching the repertoire, but also prolonging the life of the composition. After having been brilliantly adapted, many compositions are often more likely to be played by guitar rather than by the musical instruments for which they were initially recorded. 

You can find sheet music samples for guitar everywhere on the Internet, including the free ones of this rubric.  But how do these differ from the others? First of all, this is a SELECTED COLLECTION of sheet music that might be called the "gold reserves" for classic guitar players (when I say "classic" here, I am not talking about the genre, but the classic way of extracting sound by means of fingers, which allows guitar players to create the sound of several guitars). Secondly, all sheet music samples have been recorded by myself (Andrey Nosov) with special software and carefully edited. Therefore, all samples have been edited and provided with detailed fingering, making even the most difficult part of the composition comprehensible and easy to perform.

I should add, though, that the sheet music samples are considered to have a medium or higher level of difficulty. In the library, there are no COMPOSITIONS FOR BEGINNERS. But it doesn't mean they are completely nonexistent. My site would not be called "Andrey Nosov's Guitar School" if I didn't include materials of this type. SHEET MUSIC SAMPLES FOR BEGINNERS can be found in my lessons, which are broken down according to their level of difficulty and include detailed analysis. Therefore, if you are just a beginner, I advise you to refer to the training materials that are capable of turning anyone interested into a true guitar player (see Section "Guitar Lessons").
Sheet music for guitar solo from the rubric "Classical Music" can be listened to on the website or on your own device and DOWNLOADED FOR FREE. File formats: sheet music – pdf (printable); audio files – mp3

Rubric "Popular Music"

Popular Music is a rubric containing variety show songs, chanson songs, soundtracks, musicals, jazz compositions, etc. In other words, popular music is any composition of the so-called "light" genre. The genre, of course, may be light...but playing it by guitar is not so easy. This is especially so if an arrangement is made to please those who wish to preserve the original key that is not convenient to perform with guitar. 

But, dear friends, please, listen to the words of someone who has made hundreds of guitar arrangements. To make an excellent adaptation with the original key is possible if it contains up to three, rarely more, key signatures after the clef. And even if this arrangement is made at a high level, the composition will appear to be hard to perform, and the quality of the sound will be worsened, as well. How are you going to play, for example, Frédéric Chopin's funeral march with five basic bemolles (В-flat minor key), having no opportunity to use open strings? I'll tell you how. You will have to perform mostly with "barre" chords, but the sound will be interrupted whenever you shift your hand due to the absence of the sound of open strings. Would you want this? If you don't, please don't criticize the arranger if he made the arrangement with a key different from the original version. I'm sorry, but I had to respond to two "experts" who once criticized the author (not me) of a guitar arrangement for this exact reason.

By the way, the success of the arrangement lies not in its key, but in the accuracy of the features making the composition recognisable. At least, the audience is expecting exactly this. And a brilliant performance, as well. I hope you have a pleasant performance, too!

Guitar sheet music from the rubric "Popular Music" can be listened to on the website or on your own device and DOWNLOADED FOR FREE. File formats: sheet music – pdf (printable); audio files – mp3.

Rubric "Sheet Music + Tabs"

As the title implies, the rubric "Sheet Music + Tabs" contains sheet music, as well as, guitar tablature which is specifically added for guitar players who can play guitar, but know little about notation. Of course, those who don't need tablature have not been forgotten either. For them, there is a version without tabs.
Here is a collection of the best music materials that have ever been made by mankind: classical music, soundtracks, songs, dance music, jazz and chanson compositions... You won't be disappointed if you look at this rubric!

All arrangements contained in this rubric are made by me (Andrey Nosov). Are they worth playing? There are surely enough of those who will say yes because Andrey Nosov's guitar school has been open since 2004. You should use these materials because: а) they create the real sound of SEVERAL instruments, so desirable for solo playing; b) they bear the features very similar to the original version (if this original version exists, of course); c) they are convenient to perform; d) they are made at a high-quality level. If this is the first time you hear my name, please see for yourself the quality of the materials. Access to the rubric "Sheet Music + Tabs" is free. You can check out and listen to any composition (the first page of the sheet music is available for free).

Andrey Nosov