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Offline sale is performed with the personal involvement of Andrey Nosov, the author of the materials.

Advantages of this method: 1) you can communicate directly with the seller, which is very important for pre-paid purchases (details are described later); 2) the price for materials is slightly lower than buying online (due to the absence of the online store's price markups).

Disadvantages: 1) you can only buy 10 or more items (as opposed to the online store, where you are allowed to buy any number of items); 2) at a given period of time, I may not be in the office, so there is a possibility that you'll get the paid item only a few hours later (unlike when buying in the online store, you get the download link immediately after payment).

Conclusion: Offline purchase suits those who want to save some money and don't need the item right away.

How to buy. To buy sheet music from the rubric "Songs and Romances" offline, you need to transfer the sum equal to the total cost of the items to be acquired to my PayPal account (compositions can be taken from DIFFERENT collections, but they must add up to no less than 10). Then, send a message to my email address, containing the following three bits of information:
1) Your name and email address on your PayPal account:  
2) The sum of the transfer;
3) List of compositions.
The subject of the message might be named as follows: Sheet Music from the rubric "Songs and Romances".   
Then, calmly wait for sheet music to arrive in your email inbox. I'll send them as fast as I can (If it's not possible to send the files through email, I'll send you the link to download the files from the cloud storage).

Price list: one composition for voice and guitar – $0.80.
For this money, you'll get: 1 – Sheet music for vocals and guitar with lyrics (each guitar part has a version with tablature) (pdf); 2 – Audio file (midi).

PayPal account for payment – guit.nosov@gmail.com

Contact e-mailguit.nosov@gmail.com

Information on Purchase Security. The guarantors of purchase security are: 1) PayPal, which provides you with payment protection; 2) The long-standing, unblemished reputation of Andrey Nosov's Guitar School on the Internet (the Russian version of the website has been operating since 2004); 3) Any paid content can be bought online, which means that there is no obstacle in acquiring the content with the personal involvement of the seller.

Quality Assurance. Any sheet music or text material on the website of "Andrey Nosov's Guitar School" is in Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF is the most commonly used format for electronic documents, which allows users to view documents at high quality resolution and doesn't require any specific software (the format is so popular that it is supported by not only a variety of free programs, but also web browsers).

But when transferred via the Internet, PDF documents can undergo unfavourable changes. For example, the content may become partially or fully lost or the archive where files are packed for easier transfer may be damaged.

It rarely occurs but can happen sometimes. Therefore, I consider it my duty to announce that I (Andrey Nosov) value my relationships with my clients and will replace any damaged files as fast as possible. Please contact me if you have this kind of problem (my e-mail address is specified below). But before you do so, be sure that you are trying to open the file with a program that supports PDF files (not a program for just viewing images, for example). In addition, if it's not a bother, try to check the document on another device which has successfully opened this type of file before. The problem will probably be solved without my involvement.

And one more thing. Any PDF file from the website of "Andrey Nosov's Guitar School" has no restrictions on opening the file or copying it (including when printing). The password is set only to prevent changes in the content or document properties. Therefore, if a PDF file requests a password, it means that you are trying to edit it. Please open the PDF document in Read Mode in order to avoid requests for entering a password.

I wish you a successful performance!
Andrey Nosov

Any questions?
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E-mail – guit.nosov@gmail.com
Skype/Nickname – gitaranosov
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