On this page, I am going to give you a description of the sections of the website (If you haven’t viewed them yet) and provide you with legal information on the use of my (Andrey Nosov’s) materials.

Guitar Lessons from A. Nosov is a self-teaching guide for the classical guitar (the classical guitar is characterized by the extraction of sounds by means of fingers and suitable for those who want to become an independent performer, playing the melody with accompaniment without the involvement of other musical instruments or voice). The lessons consist of video materials and written content which provides you with all details on the training and the compositions you are learning.

The central part of the lessons are the exercises, mostly exclusive, which aim to develop mobility, endurance, and strength of your fingers. Most of these exercises can be viewed for free. You can find them in the section «Useful Materials» > «Exercises».

The detailed and convenient structure of the content makes my (Andrey Nosov’s) lessons attractive to not only beginner guitarists, but also to beginning guitar teachers. Because a complete teaching system is laid out in the lessons, feel free to use it. Some teachers have already been using it without even waiting for my offer, and to my surprise, make no secret of whose system they actually incorporate.

The lessons are written as a self-teaching guide and without a doubt will attract those who like getting down to the very details of a subject. The first lesson (of 165) is available for viewing in the section «Guitar Lessons» > «The First Page» for free. The content of all lessons with the whole educational program can be found there, as well. Lessons 2–165 are paid. The price for each lesson – $2. You can read about payment methods at the link: «Information» > «Payment» > «Payment for Guitar Lessons».

The learning process might take one year or more (It’s impossible to establish the exact period of learning because it all depends on the individual speed at which you can learn the content). But at the end you will be able to play by sheet music any composition from the section «Guitarist’s Library» on my website. There you can find all the best compositions for the guitar. It is worth trying, isn’t it?

The sad thing is that for now, the lessons are available only in Russian. But the content will be translated in the near future.

Guitarist’s Library is a collection of sheet music for the classical guitar, consisting of two subsections: free and paid.

In the free subsection, you will find sheet music for the classical guitar for both classical and popular music, including even rare compositions (all sheet music samples have been recorded and edited by myself). All musical compositions may be downloaded, viewed, and listened to.

The paid subsection consists of three rubrics: «Sheet Music + Tabs» (here each sheet music sample has a version without tablature), «Vocals & Guitar» and «Guitar Ensembles». There is no division into genres so chanson songs can be found among compositions of both classical and popular music. All compositions of this subsection are united only by one thing — the author of the arrangements, meaning me, Andrey Nosov.

The price for any composition from the rubrics «Sheet Music + Tabs» and «Vocals & Guitar» is $0.80. In the rubric «Guitar Ensembles», the prices are higher (for guitar sextet – $6, for guitar quartet – $3, for guitar trio – $2, for guitar duet – $1), but still quite affordable.

Each sheet music sample contains: 1 – sheet music; 2 – sheet music with the guitar tablature (only for the rubrics «Sheet Music + Tabs» and «Vocals & Guitar»); 3 – the audio file. You can listen to the desired composition and view its first sheet music page in the above-mentioned rubrics of the section «Guitarist’s Library». Detailed instructions on payment can be read in the section «Information» > «Payment».

Online Store provides you with the possibility to automatically get the material after payment. Access to the online store is free. You can read the description of each item, view the first sheet music page, and listen to the composition. You pay only for the item you want to buy.

Note that I only sell the materials I made and prepared myself: guitar lessons, arrangements for guitar solo, arrangements for guitar ensembles, and arrangements for voice and guitar. Therefore, you will only find four rubrics in the online store. However, studying these four rubrics will not just take one day because they contain not a large, but an enormous number of my materials (and this number is steadily increasing).

Instructions on payment for an item can be found in the section «Information» > «Payment».

«Special Offers». The title of the subsection speaks for itself. Click on this button if you want to save some money while buying my (Andrey Nosov’s) arrangements or guitar lessons.

Section «Information» will give you details on the methods of payment and acquisition of commercial materials, the news of the website of Andrey Nosov’s Guitar School, information about video materials, and offers for cooperation.

  • a) «Payment» details will be useful for those who are looking to buy the paid content.
  • b) «Website news» will give you information on current materials and the materials that will soon be published. You can also subscribe to my channel on YouTube if you want to be the first to know about the publication of new arrangements.
  • c) «Video Materials». On this page, I’ve shared some thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of the video materials as a source for learning the guitar and analyzing musical compositions. But the videos are absent for now since the teaching materials on the Russian version of the website (http://www.gitaranosov.ru) are in Russian, which means they cannot be published here due to the language barrier. I’ll publish the new videos as soon as I shoot them.
  • d) «Offers for cooperation» might interest the music publishing houses which issue teaching and methodological literature for beginner guitarists and teachers as well as sheet music for guitar or with its involvement.

«Contacts». As the title implies, the section contains my contact information: e-mail address and my username on Skype. So feel free to write if you have any questions. I answer my emails with the help of automated translation. My first language is Russian.

Legal information is not a section. It’s just information that I would like to bring to your attention. I, Andrey Valentinovich Nosov, am the author of 165 guitar lessons included in the manual «Andrey Nosov’s Guitar School». I am also the author of all arrangements for the rubrics «Sheet Music + Tabs», «Vocals & Guitar» and «Guitar Ensembles» contained in the Guitarist’s Library of this website. All the materials are copyrighted and protected by the corresponding international legislation. Any reproduction (copying, distribution) of the website content without the written permission of the author (Andrey Valentinovich Nosov) is prohibited.

The copyright also applies to all articles, instructions, and teaching content published on this website. But on the latter materials, I won’t be so strict. You can publish this content on your resources, but please don’t forget to specify where you got the materials, and please don’t remove watermarks, ads, and other elements which indicate my authorship or my website. I wish you success, my colleagues!

Andrey Nosov,
the author of the manual «Andrey Nosov’s Guitar School»
and several hundreds of arrangements for guitar solo,
guitar ensembles and voice accompanied by guitar.