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Popular Music (collection no.0)

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Collection No.0 contains samples of products sold in the website’s online store.

Lesson no.1 (the document in Russian). Section "GUITAR LESSONS"
Santa Lucia (Canzone Napolitana). Rubric "SHEET MUSIC + TABS"
"Romanza de Nadir" from "The Pearl Fishers" (G.Bizet, E.Cormon-M.Carré). Rubric "VOCALS & GUITAR"
Maple Leaf Rag (S.Joplin) for 2 guitars. Rubric "GUITAR ENSEMBLES"

Popular Music (collection no.1)

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1 – Cancion Carorena (R.Riera)
2 – Feelings (M.Albert)
3 – Yesterday (J.Lennon-P.McCartney)
4 – El Choclo (A.Villoldo)
5 – Melancolia (R.Riera)
6 – Monotonia (R.Riera)
7 – Nostalgia (R.Riera)
8 – Valse a Nando (R.Riera)
9 – Lullaby of Birdland (G.Shearing)
10 – My Fire (Russian Folk Song)

Popular Music (collection no.2)

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11 – Adios Muchachos (J.Sanders)
12 – L’abeille Et Le Papillon (A.Salvador)
13 – La Peregrinacion (A.Ramirez)
14 – "The dark night" from the film "Two Soldiers" (N.Bogoslovsky)
15 – Tico-Tico no Fuba (Z.Abreu)
16 – Toccata (P.Mauriat)
17 – "Manha de Carnaval" from the film "Black Orpheus" (L.Bonfa)
18 – C'est Si Bon (H.Betty)
19 – Besame Mucho (C.Velasquez)
20 – Serenata Ingenua (R.Riera)

Popular Music (collection no.3)

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21 – Music from the film "A Man and a Woman" (F.Lai)
22 – When the Saints Go Marching in (American Folk Song)
23 – I Love You Much Too Much (C.Santana)
24 – Strangers in the Night (B.Kaempfert)
25 – Under Paris Skies (H.Giraud)
26 – The Green Leaves of Summer (D.Tiomkin)
27 – The Man I Love (G.Gershwin)
28 – Petite Fleur (S.Bechet)
29 – Harlem (E.Hagen)
30 – Blue Moon (R.Rodjers)

Popular Music (collection no.4)

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31 – Espuma de Champagne (J.M. de Lucchesi)
32 – Domino (L.Ferrari)
33 – "Summertime" from the opera "Porgy and Bess" (G.Gershwin)
34 – The Entertainer (S.Joplin)
35 – Stars Fell On Alabama (F.Perkins)
36 – Waltz from the film "Beware of the Car" (A.Petrov)
37 – The Shadow of Your Smile (J.Mandel)
38 – Only You (B.Ram-A.Rand)
39 – El Condor Pasa (D.A.Robles)
40 – Tango of Nightingale (Yu.Bogoslovsky)

Popular Music (collection no.5)

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41 – Hello, Dolly (J.Herman)
42 – Unhappy Meeting (A.Tsfasman)
43 – Michelle (J.Lennon-P.McCartney)
44 – Jamaica (T.Valli)
45 – And I Love Her (J.Lennon-P.McCartney)
46 – Music from the film "Walking the Streets of Moscow" (A.Petrov)
47 – "Lullaby for Svetlana" from the film "Hussar Ballad" (T.Khrennikov)
48 – On the Hills of Manchuria (I.Shatrov)
49 – Softly, as in a Morning Sunrises (S.Romberg)
50 – Gypsy Tango (A.Gade)

Popular Music (collection no.6)

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51 – Oh, My Sweetheart (Russian Folk Song)
52 – Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head (B.Bacharach)
53 – Love Me Tender (G.R.Poulton)
54 – In the Field Stood a Birch Tree (Russian Folk Song)
55 – Maple Bare of Foliage (V.Lipatov)
56 – There is a Snowstorm Along the Street (A.Varlamov)
57 – Argentinian Melody (M.-L.Anido)
58 – Don't Wake Her up at Dawn (A.Varlamov)
59 – Hungarian Gypsy (Author Unknown)
60 – Seven Forty (Jewish Folk Dance)

Popular Music (collection no.7)

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61 – Canción del Yucatán (M.-L.Anido)
62 – Brazilian Portrait (R.Baden-Powell)
63 – The Weeping Willows Slumber (B.Baron)
64 – Bright is the Night (M.Shishkin)
65 – I Walk Out Alone Upon My Way (E.Shashina)
66 – I Met You (Old Russian Romance)
67 – Jota Aragonesa (Spanish Folk Dance)
68 – Malaguena (Spanish Folk Dance)
69 – Gypsy Dance (Author Unknown)
70 – Gitana (Author Unknown)

Popular Music (collection no.8)

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71 – Near The River, Near The Bridge (Russian Folk Song)
72 – Fado (Portuguese Folk Song)
73 – The Willow (Russian Folk Song)
74 – Tardes em Lindóia (Z.Abreu)
75 – Rushes Triple Post (Russian Folk Song)
76 – Dear Village (Russian Folk Song)
77 – Monotonously Rings the Little Bell (A.Gurilyov)
78 – Dance Girl (Gypsy Folk Dance)
79 – Murka (Russian chanson)
80 – "Are you waiting, Elizabeth" from the film "Alexandr Parhomenko" (N.Bogoslovsky)

Popular Music (collection no.9)

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81 – The river Volga flows (M.Fradkin)
82 – Recuerdo Florido (F.Rossi)
83 – Gypsy Girl (B.Mokrousov)
84 – Misty (E.Gardner)
85 – Broken Strings (P.Gapon)
86 – Tell Me, Why (O.Strok)
87 – I am Infinitely Sorry (A.Tsfasman)
88 – At the Gate, the Gate (Russian Folk Song)
89 – Do Not Stir Up Memories (P.Bulakhov)
90 – Autumn Dream (A.Joyce)

Popular Music (collection no.10)

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91 – Dark Eyes (O.Strok)
92 – The Amur Waves (M.Kiuss)
93 – Moscow Nights (V.Solovyov-Sedoi)
94 – Waltz from the film "A Hunting Accident" (E.Doga)
95 – I do not Regret, do not Call, do not Cry (G.Ponomarenko)
96 – Rio-Rita (E.Santeugini)
97 – Loch Lomond (Traditional Scotch)
98 – My Dear (Yu.Vizbor)
99 – "And years are passing" from the film "Volunteers" (M.Fradkin)
100 – Accidental Waltz (M.Fradkin)

Popular Music (collection no.11)

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101 – Pardonne-Moi Ce Caprice D'enfant (P.Carli)
102 – "There is only glimpse" from the film "The Sannikov Land" (A.Zatsepin)
103 – Moon Rhapsody (O.Strok)
104 – "Why My Heart Is So Disturbed" from the film "True Friends" (T.Khrennikov)
105 – "To That Highroad" from the film "The Straight Story" (M.Fradkin)
106 – Indian Summer (T.Cutugno, S.Ward)
107 – Katusha (M.Blanter)
108 – Moscow Windows (T.Khrennikov)
109 – Blue Shawl (J.Petersburski)
110 – Song about Waltz (E.Kolmanovsky)

Popular Music (collection no.12)

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111 – Salut (J.Dassin)
112 – "I Know Why" from the film "Sun Valley Serenade" (H.Warren)
113 – "Serenade Moonlight" from the film "Sun Valley Serenade" (H.Warren)
114 – Libertango (A.Piazzolla)
115 – Love is Blue (A.Popp)
116 – Rose Petals (H.Nakamura)
117 – Koi no Vacance (H.Miyagawa)
118 – "Memory" from the musical "Cats" (L.Webber)
119 – Champs Elysees (J.Dassin)
120 – Serenade (E.Toselli)

Popular Music (collection no.13)

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121 – Il Pleut Sur La Route (H.Himmel)
122 – You're Everything to Me (Author Unknown)
123 – The Evening Goes By (A.Varlamov)
124 – Two Guitars (I.Vasiliev)
125 – "Under The Caress Plush Plaid" from the film "A Cruel Romance" (A.Petrov)
126 – "And the Gipsy is Going" from the film "A Cruel Romance" (A.Petrov)
127 – "My Soul is Restless" from the film "Office Romance" (A.Petrov)
128 – "The Road Without the End" from the film "Niccolò Paganini" (S.Banevich)
129 – "The Echo of Love" from the film "Destiny" (E.Ptichkin)
130 – "Song of the Distant Homeland" from the film "17 Moments of Spring" (M.Tariverdiev)

Popular Music (collection no.14)

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131 – Music from the film "The Long Road in Dunes" (R.Pauls)
132 – "The Little Prince" from the film "The Passenger "Equator" (M.Tariverdiev)
133 – "Heart, be Silent" from the film "On the Seven Winds" (K.Molchanov)
134 – La Cumparsita (G.M.Rodriguez)
135 – National Anthem of Russia (A.Alexanderov)
136 – La Criollita Santiaguena (A.Chazarreta)
137 – Сhica de las Provincias (Argentinean Folk Song)
138 – Pala-Pala (Argentine Folk Dance)
139 – The 5 o'clock Whistle is Blowing (A.Novikov)
140 – Habanera (L.Gascon)

Popular Music (collection no.15)

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141 – Hear Me, Good (V.Solovyov-Sedoi)
142 – Micky from Odessa (M.Tabachnikov)
143 – Coral del Norte (J.Rodriguez)
144 – Choro (R.Riera)
145 – Nos Tempos Antigos (S.Filho)
146 – Ai-Yai-Yai (O.Freire)
147 – Amurado (P.Laurenz, P.Maffia)
148 – La Paloma (S.Iradier)
149 – Mamae Eu Quero (V.Paiva)
150 – Danza Paraguaya (A.Barrios)

Popular Music (collection no.16)

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151 – Waltz "Destiny" (S.Baynes)
152 – Waltz "Remembrance" (A.Joyce)
153 – The Song of the Birds (Catalan Christmas Song)
154 – Oblivion (A.Piazzolla)
155 – Waltz "The Birch" (E.Dreizin)
156 – Adios Nonino (A.Piazzolla)
157 – Cinco Piezas, Campero (A.Piazzolla)
158 – Tocalo más fuerte (P.Nicolin)
159 – Cinco Piezas, Romantico (A.Piazzolla)
160 – Tonadilla (A.Segovia)

Popular Music (collection no.17)

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161 – Cinco Piezas, Acentuado (A.Piazzolla)
162 – Wedding March from "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" (F.Mendelssohn)
163 – Cinco Piezas, Tristón (A.Piazzolla)
164 – Barcarolle (F.Schubert)
165 – Cinco Piezas, Compadre (A.Piazzolla)
166 – Nocturne No.2, Op.4 (J.Mertz)
167 – Venezuelan Waltz (H.Quatromano)
168 – Danza Brasilera (J.Morel)
169 – Lullaby (J.Brahms)
170 – Romance (J.Morel)

Popular Music (collection no.18)

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171 – Romance Criollo (G.Morel)
172 – Music from the film "Portrait of the Artist's Wife" (E.Doga)
173 – Milonga del Viento (J.Morel)
174 – Guitarreando (J.Morel)
175 – Music from TV series "Streets of Broken Lights" (L.Ivanova)
176 – Kujawiak (H.Wieniawski)
177 – La Suplíca (Danza Habanera)
178 – Peruvian Air (Melodia Espanola)
179 – Canco del Lladre (M.Llobet) #Melodia Popular Catalana
180 – El testament d'Amelia (M.Llobet) #Melodia Popular Catalana

Popular Music (collection no.19)

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181 – La Filadora (M.Llobet) #Melodia Popular Catalana
182 – Lo Fill del Rei (M.Llobet) #Melodia Popular
183 – Lo Rossinyol (M.Llobet) #Melodia Popular Catalana
184 – Plany (M.Llobet) #Melodia Popular Catalana
185 – El mestre (M.Llobet) #Melodia Popular Catalana
186 – L'Hereu Riera (M.Llobet) #Melodia Popular Catalana
187 – La Filla del Marxant (M.Llobet) #Melodia Popular Catalana
188 – La nit de Nadal (M.Llobet) #Melodia Popular Catalana
189 – El Noi de la Mare (M.Llobet) #Melodia Popular Catalana
190 – Bossa en Re (J.Morel)

Popular Music (collection no.20)

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191 – Pampero (J.Morel)
192 – Gato (J.Morel)
193 – Zambeando (J.Morel)
194 – El Coquí (J.I.Quintón)
195 – Misionera (F.Bustamante)
196 – Ballad for Beautiful Elena (V.Kozlov)
197 – Nostalgia_Petite Melodie (J.Sagreras)
198 – Acalanto das Nonas (B.Powell) #Lullaby in Ninths
199 – Babel (B.Powell)
200 – Bim-Bom (J.Jilberto)

Popular Music (collection no.21)

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201 – Portuguesse Song (A.Sardinha)
202 – Namesake (B.Powell) #Chará
203 – Choro Sereno (P.Bellinati) #Serene Cry
204 – Choro Triste No.2 (A.Sardinha)
205 – Corcovado (А.Jobim)
206 – Debussyana (А.Sardinha)
207 – Life is a Rogue (A.Irkutsky)… a gift from the author
208 – Alma Apaixonada (D.Reis)
209 – Deixa (B.Powell) #Let me
210 – Caboclinho (D.Reis)

Popular Music (collection no.22)

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211 – Conversa de Baiana (D.Reis)
212 – Terno Olhar (D.Reis)
213 – Se Ela Perguntar (D.Reis)
214 – Abismo de Rosas (Americo Jacomino_Canhoto)
215 – Anecdote no.2_Five Anecdotes (A.Segovia)
216 – Odeon (E.Nazareth)
217 – Farewell (S.Assad)
218 – Romance (A.Lauro)
219 – Alba Nera (R.Dyens)
220 – Alma Nortista (D.Reis)

Popular Music (collection no.23)

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221 – Vals des Loges (R.Dyens)
222 – Tel Guillaume (R.Dyens)
223 – A mi querida Tata (J.F.Vásquez)
224 – Desengano (D.Reis)
225 – Mi Favorita (Anonymous)
226 – Dois Destinos (D.Reis)
227 – Three Stories for Guitar_Historia Do Luar (L.Almeida)
228 – Three Stories for Guitar_Historia Da Saudade (L.Almeida)
229 – Three Stories for Guitar_Historia da Inspiracao (L.Almeida)
230 – Rosinha (A.Bernardini)

Popular Music (collection no.24)

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231 – Canção Antiga (A.Bernardini)
232 – Cacique (A.Bernardini)
233 – Beira-Mar (A.Bernardini)
234 – Irma (A.Bernardini)
235 – Samba em Prelúdio (B.Powell)
236 – Agua e Vinho (E.Gismonti)
237 – Choro №1 (A.Bernardini)
238 – Como la Luz del Sol (J.F.Vásquez)
239 – Isabel (F.Tárrega)
240 – Tomorrow Song (H.Sato)

Popular Music (collection no.25)

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241 – Plaza Italia (M.Pujol)
242 – Suite de la Plata no.1_Preludio (M.Pujol)
243 – Suite de la Plata no.1_Tango (M.Pujol)
244 – Suite de la Plata no.1_Milonga (M.Pujol)
245 – Suite de la Plata no.1_Murga (M.Pujol)
To be continued...

My thoughts on...

This page of the website contains compositions of popular music written specifically for the SOLO guitar or arranged for it. The collection is regularly updated.

Solo, as is well-known, means «alone» or «on one’s own.» Therefore, any composition of this subsection is adopted for producing a full sound by only one guitar without the involvement of voice or other musical instruments.

Guitar Solo is a kind of activity that allows a guitar player to produce the full sound of a composition without the involvement of voice or other musical instruments. The full sound here shall be considered as an ability to produce three basic components of music – melody, harmony, and rhythm. In this case, the famous cliché, «The guitar is a little orchestra», should be understood as the simultaneous extraction of sound in several flows, each of which has its own function (e.g. pop-rock bands where each guitar has its own playing part: the first guitar produces the melody; the second guitar produces bass, and the third guitar produces harmony). This can only be possible if you extract the sound by means of fingers – the classical way of extracting the sound. Therefore, sheet music for the classical guitar and sheet music for guitar solo are considered one and the same.

In this subsection, you may find a wide range of compositions of popular music specifically written and arranged for the guitar. All sheet music samples, except the ones for my own (Andrey Nosov’s) arrangements from the rubric «Sheet Music + Tabs», for which I request a small payment, are available for listening, viewing and downloading.

All guitar compositions of this subsection are time-tested, have excellent artistic properties, and deserve the greatest attention from guitar players. The level of difficulty of the compositions is medium or higher. So if you are a beginner, you should probably refer to the compositions that are studied and analyzed within the training program (see Section «Guitar Lessons»). For now, my sheet music library is at your disposal. I wish you a pleasant performance, my dear colleagues!

Popular masterpieces… What else can give us a feeling of happiness and love and put us in a good mood? Many musicians try to create new hits (that’s what a popular composition is called when it has successfully appealed to a vast majority of the audience), but not everyone succeeds. Those who do create a hit, instead of answering the question “How did you do it?”, usually point at the sky and say, “With God’s help.” They certainly do it with God’s help, but there are still some more substantial reasons like diligence and knowledge, multiplied by the talent and the ability to lay bare one’s heart to nature and people. Just try to listen to the sounds surrounding you, and who knows, maybe you, too, will make your own hit — concentrated emotion and passion, expressed in a few minutes of sound.

Popular music for the guitar is a style that now draws a lot more attention from concert guitarists. And rightly so, for today’s concert programs should include not only classical music but song arrangements and soundtracks, as well. Compositions of such light genres should be added because, first of all, they provide the audience with the emotional release necessary to fully appreciate any classical music that follows (e.g. «Blue Canary», which will inevitably make the audience smile). Secondly, some popular masterpieces are almost indistinguishable from classics and therefore do not change the general tone of a «serious» concert (e.g. the soundtrack from Schindler’s List). Moreover, they allow you to show off your skills (e.g. «Tico-Tico no Fubá»). I believe the advantages are rather obvious (by the way, you can find all the above-mentioned compositions in the section «Guitarist’s Library»»Sheet Music + Tabs»). The only problem is that not all guitar players agree with this belief. They think to themselves, “How can I, a performer of Bach, stoop down to the level of playing pop music?” I assure you, you are not sinking to any lower level, but rather, you will get a chance to play popular compositions in a way that no one has before. Music materials and guitar adaptations are sufficient (I am talking about my own adaptations for which I am personally responsible) for achieving this goal, and there is certainly an audience waiting to hear this.

Guitar sheet music in the category «Popular music» can be DOWNLOADED FOR FREE. They are also available for preview and listening.

Tablature is absent in the compositions presented on this page. But the problem can be solved. Write to me, the email address you can find in «Contacts».

Andrey Nosov