Here are sheet music samples for voice accompanied by a 6-string guitar(or, alternatively, for any solo instrument and guitar). Sheet music samples for guitar solo and guitar ensembles are also available on the website. To view them, please open the «Guitarist’s Library» section and select the desired subsection.

Vocals & Guitar (collection No.0)

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Collection No.0 contains samples of products sold in the website’s online store.

Sheet Music Presentation
Dicitencello Vuje (R.Falvo-E.Fusco).

Vocals & Guitar (collection No.1)

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1 – Love Me Tender (mus.G.R.Poulton, lir.E.Presley-V.Matson)
2 – "Moon River" from the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (mus.H.Mancini, lir.J.Mercer)
3 – My Way (mus.C.Francois, lir.P.Anka)
4 – Only You (B.Ram)
5 – Strangers in the Night (mus.B.Kaempfert, eng.lir.C.Singleton-E.Snyder)
6 – "Somewhere over the Rainbow" from the film "The Wizard of Oz" (mus.H.Arlen, lir.E.Y.Harburg)
7 – What a Wonderful World (G.D.Weiss-B.Thiele)
8 – "Speak Softly Love" from the film "The Godfather" (mus.N.Rota, lir.L.Kusic)
9 – "Where Do I Begin" from the film "Love Story" (mus.F.Lai, lir.C.Sigman)
10 – Can't Help Falling in Love (H.Peretti, L.Creatore, G.D.Weiss)

Vocals & Guitar (collection No.2)

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11 – O Que Sera (Ch.Buarque)
12 – Dicitencello Vuje (mus.R.Falvo, lyr.E.Fusco)
13 – The Shadow of Your Smile (mus.J.Mandel, lyr.P.F.Webster) #Love Theme from The Sandpiper
14 – "Manhа de Carnaval" from "Orfeu Negro" (mus.L.Bonfa, lyr.A.Mariz) #Morning of Carnival
15 – Besame Mucho (C.Velasques) #Kiss me a lot
16 – Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (O.Farres) #Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
17 – Les Feuilles Mortes (mus.J.Kosma, lir.J.Prevert) #Autumn Leaves
18 – "Une Vie D'Amour" from "Tegeran-43" (mus.G.Garvarentz, lyr.Ch.Aznavour) #A Life of Love
19 – Historia de un Amor (C.Almaran) #A Love Story
20 – Abrazame (mus.R.Ferro, lyr.J.Iglesias) #Embrace Me

Vocals & Guitar (collection No.3)

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21 – Confessa (mus.G.Bella, lyr.G.Mogol) #Ma perché…
22 – Feelings (M.Albert-L.Gaste)
23 – "Summertime" from the opera "Porgy and Bess" (mus.G.Gershwin, lyr.D.Heyward-I.Gershwin)
24 – Those Were The Days (mus.B.Fomin, eng.lyr.G.Raskin)
25 – Moscow Nights (mus.V.Solovyov-Sedoi, unknown)
26 – Little Man (S.Bono)
27 – Jingle Bells (J.Pierpont)
28 – Happy Birthday to You (P.Hill-M.Hill)
29 – It's now or Never (mus.E.Di Capua, lyr.A.Schroeder-W.Gold) #O sole mio
30 – Yesterday (J.Lennon-P.McCartney) #The Beatles

Vocals & Guitar (collection No.4)

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31 – Satumaa (U.Mononen) #Suomalainen Tango
32 – And I Love Her (J.Lennon-P.McCartney) #The Beatles
33 – Adagio (mus.T.Albinoni, lyr.L.Fabian, R.Allison, D.Pickell)
34 – Let it be (J.Lennon-P.McCartney) #The Beatles
35 – House of the Rising Sun (American Folk Song)
36 – Ave Maria (J.S.Bach-Ch.Gounod)
37 – Funiculì Funiculà (mus.L.Denza, lyr.P.Turco)
38 – Serenade (mus.F.Schubert, lyr.L.Rellstab)
39 – Romanza de Nadir (mus.G.Bizet, lyr. E.Cormon, M.Carré) De l'Opéra "Les pêcheurs de perles"
40 – Santa Lucia (Canzone Napolitana)

Vocals & Guitar (collection No.5)

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41 – Ach, panie, panowie (mus.B.Okudzhava, lyr.A.Osiecka)
42 – Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 (mus.H.Villa-Lobos, lyr.R.V.Correa) for soprano and 5 guitars
43 – Sympathy (R.Bird)
44 – Angie (M.Jagger-K.Richards) #The Rolling Stones
45 – From Souvenirs to Souvenirs (mus.S.Vlavianos, lyr.A.R.Costandinos)
46 – Michelle (J.Lennon-P.McCartney) #The Beatles
47 – Unchained Melody (mus.A.North, lyr.H.Zaret)
48 – Oblivion (mus.A.Piazzolla, lyr.A.Tarenzi-D.McNeil) for vocals and 4 guitars
49 – Ave Maria (J.S.Bach-Ch.Gounod) for vocals and 3 guitars
50 – Where Is My Mind (B.Francis)

Vocals & Guitar (collection No.6)

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51 – The Polar Bear Song (mus.A.Zatcepin, lir.L.Derbenyov) for vocals and 5 guitars
To be continued...

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This subsection consists of compositions for voice accompanied by a 6-string guitar.

Songs and Romances is a subsection containing compositions of my own (Andrey Nosov’s) arrangements for voice and guitar. Sheet music samples of such compositions are recorded according to the principles of songbooks with guitar accompaniment. Therefore, they include the vocal part with lyrics underlay, the guitar part with detailed fingering and a separate version with tablature, and lyrics that can be found at the end of any song. All this can be found on the page «Songs and Romances» (click on «Sheet Music Presentation»).

All compositions can be listened to (audio files are easily accessible and available not only for listening, but also for downloading). In fact, you NEED to listen to them in order for you to be aware of the key of the composition (for better contrast, the vocal part is intertwined with the oboe part). If the key doesn’t suit you, I advise you to use a capo d’astro and play the sheet music with respect to the capo’s fret position.

Songs and romances from this subsection were very popular back in the day. And they still are, as is evident in their numerous remixes. So learn these compositions and enjoy playing them for yourself and to others.

Guitar songs. When your friends gather in a cozy company, guitar songs sound particularly heart-warming. This warmth is probably achieved by good companionship, or perhaps it is just the result of guitar magic. It’s a good thing we can play it! Moreover, the list of arrangements is ready-to-go. Here are popular songs, soundtracks, children’s songs, songs about mothers, love, etc. The choice is rather vast, especially in the Russian version of my website to which I have been adding materials since 2004. Here, materials have yet to be added, but I hope that in the near future you’ll get a unique collection of sheet music for vocals accompanied by the guitar comprising hits from different countries around the world.

Hits from DIFFERENT countries around the world… I don’t think we can have records of these musical materials without using the source language (I am talking about the lyrics underlay and the lyrics of the songs, not the musical notes that are the same for everyone on the planet). In this case, the language barrier will not be an obstacle at all because the songs presented to you are very popular around the world, and it won’t be difficult for anyone to find their translations on the Internet. How do you know in which language the song is? Open the sheet music presentation which is attached to each collection or read the description of the item in the online store (Open the section «Online Store» from the main website menu > Rubric «Songs and Romances»).

Guitar arrangements and sheet music for songs and romances contained in this rubric have been arranged by me, Andrey Nosov. You can judge for yourself the quality of the arrangements by listening to the audio files attached to each composition (for better contrast, compare the vocal part, led by the oboe, with the guitar accompaniment). Sheet music samples are also available for viewing.

I once read a review about myself: «Nosov, the author of a wide range of arrangements for guitar solo and guitar ensembles, has regressed to the level of making guitar accompaniment. What a pity!» I haven’t regressed. I am just trying to upgrade common guitar accompaniment to the concert level, so that guitar solo expressed through different playing techniques could be successfully applied in intros, breaks and codas. There’s a difference, isn’t there?

Sheet music for vocals and guitar… This is how the rubric «Songs and Romances» is presented on the website of «Andrey Nosov’s Guitar School.» It’s no secret that sheet music that is originally designed for vocals can not only be sung, but also played (by any musical instrument that can produce melody). For those who love to play music in ensembles, such an opportunity is provided here in this rubric.

The advantages are rather obvious:

  • 1) There is no need to find sheet music for a specific pair of instruments;
  • 2) Professional guitar accompaniment with intros, breaks, and codas creates strong sound support for a solo instrument.

It should be noted that for recording the vocal part, I (Andrey Nosov) use the treble clef. Therefore, if sheet music for a solo instrument is written in another clef, this sheet music will have to be transposed. This is perhaps the only inconvenience.

Let me remind you that the website also has the rubric «Guitar Ensembles» for those who are fond of instrumental ensembles.

The sheet music samples in the rubric «Songs and Romances» are paid, but their price is not that high – just $1 each. Without any exaggeration, this is the lowest price for an author’s arrangement on the Internet, affordable for anyone. Click «Payment info» to learn more.

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