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Self-study for the classical guitar, sheet music for the guitar of all styles, genres, and types.

Dear friends, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of Andrey Nosov's Guitar School!

Let me give you a brief overview of my project.

The website of Andrey Nosov's guitar school comprises two main sections: "Guitar Lessons" and "Guitarist’s Library."

Guitar Lessons This unassuming title actually encompasses the ENTIRE guitar school written as a self-teaching guide. School is where you are taught, and I am going to do exactly that, by sharing with you all of my knowledge and skills in written form and by means of video materials. You may download the first lesson from the section "Lessons" for free, as well as the syllabus of all other lessons, which describes the whole educational program you will have to undergo.

Also, as part of the training, I can offer exercises aimed at the development and improvement of various types of guitar technique. The exercises, with the exception of traditional gamuts, are exclusive and form part of my textbook. You can download them in the section "Guitar Tips & Tricks" > "Exercises".

Guitarist’s Library is a collection of sheet music for guitar solo, guitar ensembles, and voice accompanied by a guitar. Guitarist's Library consists of two subsections: free and paid.

The free subsection includes sheet music for the classical guitar to play both classical and popular music. All musical compositions may be downloaded or played directly on the webpage.

The paid subsection consists of three rubrics: sheet music for guitar solo, sheet music for guitar ensembles, and sheet music for voice and guitar. All of them have been arranged by me (Andrey Nosov). Are they worth playing? Those who already have would certainly say yes, and they make up no small number, as Andrey Nosov's Guitar School has been open since 2004. I recommend using my arrangements because: a) the arrangements for guitar solo create the real sound of several instruments that is so desirable for solo playing; b) the arrangements for guitar ensembles convey the inimitable palette of orchestral sound; c) the song adaptations bear all features of the original version, including instrumental intros, breaks and codas; d) all arrangements are convenient to perform and made with high quality; e) each sheet music, except those arranged for guitar ensembles, has tablature. Since many guitar players dispute the need for using tabs, all sheet music for guitar solo have also been provided with the version without tabs. Access to the paid materials can be gained either through the rubrics below or via the website menu. Access to the rest of the website is FREE. You can listen to any composition and view the first page of its sheet music for free.

Now I would like to turn to the paid materials of the website (I emphasize "paid" because most of the website content is free). All lessons (from Lesson 2 to 165) cost $2 each. All compositions for either guitar solo or voice accompanied by a guitar cost $0.80 each. Sheet music for a guitar quartet costs $3; for a guitar trio – $2; for a guitar duet – $1. You must admit, the cost of these paid materials cannot serve as an impediment to buying them. And special offers that appear from time to time can make these materials even cheaper. Information on how to get the paid material can be found in the section "Information" > "Payment." Should you have any questions, I will be happy to help. You can find my contact information in the section "Contacts," so please do not hesitate to write me or give me a call...

Enjoy exploring the pages of my website!

Andrey Nosov

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